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Five Tips For Organising The Office Christmas Party

The Business Before The Party.

As we hurtle towards the festive season, there’s an all important question being bandied about at offices across the nation (no, no not whether a Christmas bonus is forthcoming) – where will you go for the work Christmas party?

Each year there’s multiple people to please – the straight-laced boss with an alcohol induced penchant for karaoke, the resident foodie who knows their quinoa from their cous cous at 100 paces, and the Kris Kringle dictator who spends July to November drawing up lists of who gives what to whom.

We’ve heroically navigated a multitude of Christmas functions in our time, so here is the official Trunk guide to organising the perfect work Christmas party in Melbourne.

The Money Stuff
Sadly, it’s not always the case that the corporation you work for will write a blank cheque for culinary ecstasy and limitless cocktails on tap as part of the Christmas party.

Many employers have a party budget presided over by the office financial controller, so get up to speed on the finances and remember a few well placed compliments to Bev in accounting from September onwards never go astray.

Where To Go?
Where you end up is dependent on the culture of your workplace, but the aim is to please all possible tastes. That said, the office Christmas party is also about ensuring you get the Christmas party at a venue that feels rightfully yours – well funded, well funky and alcoholic enough to be remembered or entirely blacked out. You can see our Christmas function options here.

The Date
November to December is Christmas party season. As every office in Australia has some silly season reckless abandon at the forefront of their minds, it’s critical to book early. Don’t be late to this table.

What’s Included
Nothing is more likely to upset the apple martini more than a work colleague being told those drinks they’ve been downing all night are not included in the tab, so be clear about what’s being offered. Let workmates know the menu, the drinks inclusions and who is welcome to attend. After all, the boss might be happy to pay for their workforce, but a tribe of your six besties and a couple of once-were flatmates are probably not funded for the night.

Work With The Venue
The key to a great function is communication, particularly between the organiser and the venue. The restaurant will need to know numbers for set up and staffing. The chef needs to know of any allergies or alterations to the menu (EpiPen incidents are never a good end to a party).

With these items ticked off the to-do list you can kick back and relax, knowing the night and some priceless fodder for office gossip will now take care of themselves, even if the intern who has been slamming tequila since 6pm cannot.

Need help making your function the best it can be? Contact our Events Manager, Bianca, on 03 9663 7994.

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