Thanksgiving Turkey At Trunk in Melbourne CBD

Four Reasons You Should Do Thanksgiving

So we've got Australia Day, The Queen's Birthday, some labor days, where we all abstain from doing just that, and some would argue way too many festivities in Australia.

But just when you thought it was safe to embrace the daily drudge all the way to Christmas, we’ve found another holiday that should get a mention and not too shabby celebration in Oz – Thanksgiving.

We’d argue we should all be giving thanks and sharing that gratitude with our besties this November 26 and we’re marking this push to celebrate Thanksgiving with some favourites – beer and wine – for a Yankee doodle good time.

This year our allies are Budweiser and Erath Oregon Wines as we spread the appreciation, and if that’s not enough to push you into an ever repeated giving of thanks then here are three other great reasons to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Your Inner American
It’s the country that brought us fast food, Facebook and Friends. A bamboozling mix of exhibitionism, extremism and Hollywood happy endings, where every man gets the bad guy and the hot girl. So here’s cheers to the leaders of the free world, the inventors of the internet and the country who not only ousted the British but also got to put the z in recognise, authorise and realise.

It’s About Mateship…Totally Australian
While Christmas is about enduring Aunty Marge’s sherry tippled anecdotes of radicalism in the ’60s, Thanksgiving gets to be about your mates. We proclaim that like our American cousins, Australia should have a dedicated feast spent gorging yourself with your nearest and dearest (chosen ones). We believe in a Thanksgiving function spent with your belt buckle undone and your top button hanging limply by a thread as you spread the cheer with the family you choose to see, not the one you are legally obliged to tolerate.

Turkey…Plus Six Sides
Need we say more? That’s seven solid reasons plus a doggie bag full of Thanksgiving goodies for a host of good cheer. Let’s be honest, any excuse will do, so we might as well call it Thanksgiving and throw open the doors of our American diner in the heart of the Melbourne CBD to embrace the Red White and Blue with our Budweisers held high.

It’s About Happiness
Psychologists, lifestyle gurus and even the Dalai Lama say a key ingredient to happiness is a healthy dose of appreciation, so bring on your friends from 6pm, linger for light entertainment, a modern take on some Thanksgiving cuisine and let Dr Trunk, Captain Budweiser and Sir Erath steer you and your friends towards inner bliss on November 26. After all you can’t argue with the experts.

Snap up the last few tickets for our Thanksgiving Dinner – contact our Events Manager, Bianca, on 03 9663 7994.

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