Valentine's Day at Trunk Restaurant Melbourne CBD

Valentine’s Day. Worth The Effort? Oui.

Why Valentine's Day might just be worth a little effort.

Valentine’s Day is back. The day lovers set the romance meter to ready and prepare to get their love on. The day created for a saint but brought to us by Hallmark. The day that some of us need a little reminding of why it’s so much more than dinner reservations, flowers, and watching a best of failed marriage proposals video.


At the risk you were headed that way, losing that loving feeling for an event when you are commercially obliged to impress for your loved one, here’s some reasons why Valentine’s Day might just be worth a little effort.


Welcome Back, Old Friend


In a relationship? Chances are in the past 365 you have stuffed up, and quite possibly right royally. If not, you probably will within the next year. Forgotten a birthday? Not changed the car seat back to their settings? Valentine’s Day is your ticket back into the good books. Book a table for two at a nice restaurant, change the seat back and get some runs back on the board.

Feel it like Finland


Not into the whole Valentine thing? Mark the day Finnish style with Ystävänpäivä or Friendship Day. Nope, you won’t be asked to say it (or spell it for that matter) but you can celebrate it by giving your friends pink roses and other gifts. And encouragement from the other side of the table when you’re halfway through your third dessert is always a nice change.

And that’s way better than celebrating Singles Awareness Day or SAD, which also falls on February 14. Haven’t seen many cards marking that little party, although there are emoticons to suit if you really feel the need to ram singledom home to a friend or two.



There’s nothing more entertaining than a spot of flaneurism on the night awkward couples and avid romantics go about trying to impress each other. (Minds out of the gutter, flaneur roughly translates to people watcher, and we wanted to use something akin to French on this romantic occasion). Anyhoo what’s more fun than observing others whipping out marriage proposals, a partner choking on the over-cologned partner, and clumsily navigating the minefield of romance.


So whether you celebrate as a one up, a one off or a once in a lifetime occasion, Happy Valentine’s Day from our restaurant in the Melbourne CBD. We’ll see you at the florist, and the bar, sliding your way into this crazy little thing called love.

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