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Why Work Breakfast Functions Can Be Best

That early bird really was onto something.

There’s a new professional movement out there folks – one that’s devoid of late night booze sessions with the colleagues you barely know, free of drinks rounds for the boss you’re overly keen to impress and actually allows you to do something with your day – corporate breakfast functions.

We’re all aboard for this healthy start to the working day and here’s why.

They’re Quick
Unlike some pleasures in life, work meetings should be a wham, bam, thank you m’am event, not an excuse for Johnno and Jack to recount their golf prowess and the shortcomings of the iPhone 6. So who’s up for a morning quickie where you get into it, get onto it and then get to work to do the job you’re meant to?

It’s Too Early To Drink
Let’s be honest, work lunches rarely result in anyone returning to work in a useful state. A couple of bottles of chardonnay and some social scotches later, no-one’s in a fit mindset to program computers, deal with clients or work out the layout for the corporate magazine.

That’s if you return at all…9 times out of 10 lunch descends into happy hour, into dinner and then karaoke in the darkest depths of a bar you won’t remember when you have to face your workmates the next day.

And let us not underestimate the dire potential of drinking with your colleagues. Save the inappropriate hookups and drunken slagging off for the office Christmas party, hey?

They’re Less Expensive
As Bloody Mary’s with a tequila chaser are somewhat inappropriate for breakfast, your alcohol budget is not about to be blown wooing your boss with top shelf promotional lubrication.

And there’s something so classy about shouting your workmates a round of freshly squeezed juice, a strong macchiato and Mexican scrambled eggs. “Have another pineapple juice, Sir. This one’s on me.”

You Feel Good
They say each day should start with a good breakfast, so why not double the goodness and kill a productivity bird with that breakfast stone? That way you waltz into the office refreshed at 10am with a couple of hours smooching and planning already under your belt.

They Make You Look Good
Quite frankly a breakfast function makes you look good. It says you’re keen, your time is precious and you’re a total professional. If you can outline the corporate budget and be across spreadsheets before 9am, you’re a player totally, in our eyes. We’d promote you!

At Trunk be more than happy to help with your all-schmoozing, non-boozing but ultimately productive breakfast function. We have a number of options available at our Melbourne CBD venue and you can check out our options here.

To talk all things functions, contact our Events Manager, Bianca, on 03 9663 7994.

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