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Doors open for drinks at 6pm
Dinner served ‘family style’ at 7pm-9.30




Makers Mark Bourbon Glazed Roast Turkey,
stuffing, gravy & cranberry sauce

Herb crusted baked Salmon



Snow white mash potato

Maple glazed Dutch carrots

Cauliflower Cheese gratin

Roasted green beans w. golden almonds

Caramelised sweet potato

House-made corn bread



New York Baked Cheesecake



Selling Fast so get in while you can! 

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Tickets can be purchased here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/a-trunk-thanksgiving-tickets-77414965245  







Okay happy couples pull up a chair, we’ll fix you a stiff drink and talk weddings.

Now you’ve made that little decision of who you’d like to spend your life with, it’s time to ponder the big stuff. You know, the game changers that keep you awake at night like 100gsm or 120gsm weight paper for your invites. Would you like to release a kaleidoscope (yes that is the collective term, cool, huh?) of rare Ulysses butterflies or will some bubbles do?

Hold the hyperventilation and we’ll give you a minute for the Zanax to kick in. Right, sorted? Let’s talk you through how real weddings pan out and how we can help.


The formalities of the day are likely to set you back the least (it’s the party that counts, let’s be honest) but they can determine the date. If you have your heart set on a particular church or celebrant, book early, or venture a little further and consider non-conventional ceremony spaces with their own memorable ambience.


With all that revelry, fine food, dedicated service and the social lubrication of alcohol, the wedding venue will be one of the biggest factors of your day and your budget. It’s important to sort this bit early as venues can be booked out months and sometimes years in advance.

Wedding receptions work on a price per head basis and are usually split into food budget, and the alcohol and beverage packages.

You will need to decide on the function type; is it a small intimate party, a sit-down three-course option or are you keen for a cocktail party? We’ve enjoyed more nuptials than hot dinners at our Melbourne CBD venue, so you can contact us here for our expert advice.


Reception venue dealt with? Ceremony sorted? Time for the invites. Regardless of whether you choose embossed, matte, bold-fonted, lace adorned numbers or a quick greyscale printout on your home Hewlett-Packard, you need to give people adequate notice and ensure they RSVP.


Capturing those happy memories is next on the list. Photography comes as a package with options like digital copies, bound albums and life-sized, framed numbers of the happy couple smooching. Be sure you see the photographer’s portfolio in advance, know exactly what’s included and enjoy their company. You’ll be required to smile endlessly in their presence for an entire day.


Roll out the jugglers, fire breathers and acrobats, no just kidding, but to each their own. Wedding entertainment is usually a choice between a DJ, small band or solo musician. You could always load up an IPod with your favourite tunes and plug into the venue’s stereo system. But please avoid U2’s Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For…ideally you have.

Insider’s tip

Venue co-ordinators are wedding veterans, have done this before and know what does and doesn’t work, so talk to them about people they recommend for items like photography, entertainment, flowers or decorations. They work with a lot of different people and may be able to recommend some good peeps or even have hook-ups (of the professional variety, that is – you’re already romantically hooked up, we know).

Trunk boasts a number of different venue options for weddings including our outdoor garden, or the private Rintel Room. We’re romantics at heart, (we’d go the 120gsm invites and butterflies, for the record) so would love to help with your needs.

There’s a new professional movement out there folks – one that’s devoid of late night booze sessions with the colleagues you barely know, free of drinks rounds for the boss you’re overly keen to impress and actually allows you to do something with your day – corporate breakfast functions.

We’re all aboard for this healthy start to the working day and here’s why.

They’re Quick
Unlike some pleasures in life, work meetings should be a wham, bam, thank you m’am event, not an excuse for Johnno and Jack to recount their golf prowess and the shortcomings of the iPhone 6. So who’s up for a morning quickie where you get into it, get onto it and then get to work to do the job you’re meant to?

It’s Too Early To Drink
Let’s be honest, work lunches rarely result in anyone returning to work in a useful state. A couple of bottles of chardonnay and some social scotches later, no-one’s in a fit mindset to program computers, deal with clients or work out the layout for the corporate magazine.

That’s if you return at all…9 times out of 10 lunch descends into happy hour, into dinner and then karaoke in the darkest depths of a bar you won’t remember when you have to face your workmates the next day.

And let us not underestimate the dire potential of drinking with your colleagues. Save the inappropriate hookups and drunken slagging off for the office Christmas party, hey?

They’re Less Expensive
As Bloody Mary’s with a tequila chaser are somewhat inappropriate for breakfast, your alcohol budget is not about to be blown wooing your boss with top shelf promotional lubrication.

And there’s something so classy about shouting your workmates a round of freshly squeezed juice, a strong macchiato and Mexican scrambled eggs. “Have another pineapple juice, Sir. This one’s on me.”

You Feel Good
They say each day should start with a good breakfast, so why not double the goodness and kill a productivity bird with that breakfast stone? That way you waltz into the office refreshed at 10am with a couple of hours smooching and planning already under your belt.

They Make You Look Good
Quite frankly a breakfast function makes you look good. It says you’re keen, your time is precious and you’re a total professional. If you can outline the corporate budget and be across spreadsheets before 9am, you’re a player totally, in our eyes. We’d promote you!

At Trunk be more than happy to help with your all-schmoozing, non-boozing but ultimately productive breakfast function. We have a number of options available at our Melbourne CBD venue and you can check out our options here.

To talk all things functions, contact our Events Manager, Bianca, on 03 9663 7994.

As we hurtle towards the festive season, there’s an all important question being bandied about at offices across the nation (no, no not whether a Christmas bonus is forthcoming) – where will you go for the work Christmas party?

Each year there’s multiple people to please – the straight-laced boss with an alcohol induced penchant for karaoke, the resident foodie who knows their quinoa from their cous cous at 100 paces, and the Kris Kringle dictator who spends July to November drawing up lists of who gives what to whom.

We’ve heroically navigated a multitude of Christmas functions in our time, so here is the official Trunk guide to organising the perfect work Christmas party in Melbourne.

The Money Stuff
Sadly, it’s not always the case that the corporation you work for will write a blank cheque for culinary ecstasy and limitless cocktails on tap as part of the Christmas party.

Many employers have a party budget presided over by the office financial controller, so get up to speed on the finances and remember a few well placed compliments to Bev in accounting from September onwards never go astray.

Where To Go?
Where you end up is dependent on the culture of your workplace, but the aim is to please all possible tastes. That said, the office Christmas party is also about ensuring you get the Christmas party at a venue that feels rightfully yours – well funded, well funky and alcoholic enough to be remembered or entirely blacked out. You can see our Christmas function options here.

The Date
November to December is Christmas party season. As every office in Australia has some silly season reckless abandon at the forefront of their minds, it’s critical to book early. Don’t be late to this table.

What’s Included
Nothing is more likely to upset the apple martini more than a work colleague being told those drinks they’ve been downing all night are not included in the tab, so be clear about what’s being offered. Let workmates know the menu, the drinks inclusions and who is welcome to attend. After all, the boss might be happy to pay for their workforce, but a tribe of your six besties and a couple of once-were flatmates are probably not funded for the night.

Work With The Venue
The key to a great function is communication, particularly between the organiser and the venue. The restaurant will need to know numbers for set up and staffing. The chef needs to know of any allergies or alterations to the menu (EpiPen incidents are never a good end to a party).

With these items ticked off the to-do list you can kick back and relax, knowing the night and some priceless fodder for office gossip will now take care of themselves, even if the intern who has been slamming tequila since 6pm cannot.

Need help making your function the best it can be? Contact our Events Manager, Bianca, on 03 9663 7994.