Valentine’s Day is back. The day lovers set the romance meter to ready and prepare to get their love on. The day created for a saint but brought to us by Hallmark. The day that some of us need a little reminding of why it’s so much more than dinner reservations, flowers, and watching a best of failed marriage proposals video.


At the risk you were headed that way, losing that loving feeling for an event when you are commercially obliged to impress for your loved one, here’s some reasons why Valentine’s Day might just be worth a little effort.


Welcome Back, Old Friend


In a relationship? Chances are in the past 365 you have stuffed up, and quite possibly right royally. If not, you probably will within the next year. Forgotten a birthday? Not changed the car seat back to their settings? Valentine’s Day is your ticket back into the good books. Book a table for two at a nice restaurant, change the seat back and get some runs back on the board.

Feel it like Finland


Not into the whole Valentine thing? Mark the day Finnish style with Ystävänpäivä or Friendship Day. Nope, you won’t be asked to say it (or spell it for that matter) but you can celebrate it by giving your friends pink roses and other gifts. And encouragement from the other side of the table when you’re halfway through your third dessert is always a nice change.

And that’s way better than celebrating Singles Awareness Day or SAD, which also falls on February 14. Haven’t seen many cards marking that little party, although there are emoticons to suit if you really feel the need to ram singledom home to a friend or two.



There’s nothing more entertaining than a spot of flaneurism on the night awkward couples and avid romantics go about trying to impress each other. (Minds out of the gutter, flaneur roughly translates to people watcher, and we wanted to use something akin to French on this romantic occasion). Anyhoo what’s more fun than observing others whipping out marriage proposals, a partner choking on the over-cologned partner, and clumsily navigating the minefield of romance.


So whether you celebrate as a one up, a one off or a once in a lifetime occasion, Happy Valentine’s Day from our restaurant in the Melbourne CBD. We’ll see you at the florist, and the bar, sliding your way into this crazy little thing called love.

There’s a new professional movement out there folks – one that’s devoid of late night booze sessions with the colleagues you barely know, free of drinks rounds for the boss you’re overly keen to impress and actually allows you to do something with your day – corporate breakfast functions.

We’re all aboard for this healthy start to the working day and here’s why.

They’re Quick
Unlike some pleasures in life, work meetings should be a wham, bam, thank you m’am event, not an excuse for Johnno and Jack to recount their golf prowess and the shortcomings of the iPhone 6. So who’s up for a morning quickie where you get into it, get onto it and then get to work to do the job you’re meant to?

It’s Too Early To Drink
Let’s be honest, work lunches rarely result in anyone returning to work in a useful state. A couple of bottles of chardonnay and some social scotches later, no-one’s in a fit mindset to program computers, deal with clients or work out the layout for the corporate magazine.

That’s if you return at all…9 times out of 10 lunch descends into happy hour, into dinner and then karaoke in the darkest depths of a bar you won’t remember when you have to face your workmates the next day.

And let us not underestimate the dire potential of drinking with your colleagues. Save the inappropriate hookups and drunken slagging off for the office Christmas party, hey?

They’re Less Expensive
As Bloody Mary’s with a tequila chaser are somewhat inappropriate for breakfast, your alcohol budget is not about to be blown wooing your boss with top shelf promotional lubrication.

And there’s something so classy about shouting your workmates a round of freshly squeezed juice, a strong macchiato and Mexican scrambled eggs. “Have another pineapple juice, Sir. This one’s on me.”

You Feel Good
They say each day should start with a good breakfast, so why not double the goodness and kill a productivity bird with that breakfast stone? That way you waltz into the office refreshed at 10am with a couple of hours smooching and planning already under your belt.

They Make You Look Good
Quite frankly a breakfast function makes you look good. It says you’re keen, your time is precious and you’re a total professional. If you can outline the corporate budget and be across spreadsheets before 9am, you’re a player totally, in our eyes. We’d promote you!

At Trunk be more than happy to help with your all-schmoozing, non-boozing but ultimately productive breakfast function. We have a number of options available at our Melbourne CBD venue and you can check out our options here.

To talk all things functions, contact our Events Manager, Bianca, on 03 9663 7994.

Trunk puts the funk into your Christmas function.

From private sit-downs to full-blown circuses, Trunk Bar and Restaurant in Melbourne’s CBD adds the pop and polish your party needs. It’s coming close to the man in the red suit’s big day (already?!) and spots are filling faster than your wish list!

To reserve the best spot around the tree for your Christmas party, call our Events Manager, Bianca, on 03 9663 7994.

You bring the party, we’ll bring the funk.

That’s right. It’s already that time of year when you celebrate the forthcoming partying or despair over how little time you have to complete all those activities. We know, SO many activities. Either way, celebrating is a-coming and in all our wise function knowledge gained over the last eight years from running slick hoedowns, the best parties have a plan. And early.

Function and private event spots around the Trunk tree have already started filling for the month of December. Do you love your job? Do you want to keep it? Get on down to Trunktown.

At Trunk, we pride ourselves on our function and private event capabilities. With our dedicated Events Manager, Bianca, and support team with a history of knocking any event coming our way out of the park, planning and rolling out events becomes less hassle, more happy. And really, watching our guests have a great time is one of the best parts of being here. Happy you, happy us.

Call Bianca on 03 9663 7994 or to cure your Christmas ails.

Trunk – Putting the funk back into your Christmas funktion.

But just when you thought it was safe to embrace the daily drudge all the way to Christmas, we’ve found another holiday that should get a mention and not too shabby celebration in Oz – Thanksgiving.

We’d argue we should all be giving thanks and sharing that gratitude with our besties this November 26 and we’re marking this push to celebrate Thanksgiving with some favourites – beer and wine – for a Yankee doodle good time.

This year our allies are Budweiser and Erath Oregon Wines as we spread the appreciation, and if that’s not enough to push you into an ever repeated giving of thanks then here are three other great reasons to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Your Inner American
It’s the country that brought us fast food, Facebook and Friends. A bamboozling mix of exhibitionism, extremism and Hollywood happy endings, where every man gets the bad guy and the hot girl. So here’s cheers to the leaders of the free world, the inventors of the internet and the country who not only ousted the British but also got to put the z in recognise, authorise and realise.

It’s About Mateship…Totally Australian
While Christmas is about enduring Aunty Marge’s sherry tippled anecdotes of radicalism in the ’60s, Thanksgiving gets to be about your mates. We proclaim that like our American cousins, Australia should have a dedicated feast spent gorging yourself with your nearest and dearest (chosen ones). We believe in a Thanksgiving function spent with your belt buckle undone and your top button hanging limply by a thread as you spread the cheer with the family you choose to see, not the one you are legally obliged to tolerate.

Turkey…Plus Six Sides
Need we say more? That’s seven solid reasons plus a doggie bag full of Thanksgiving goodies for a host of good cheer. Let’s be honest, any excuse will do, so we might as well call it Thanksgiving and throw open the doors of our American diner in the heart of the Melbourne CBD to embrace the Red White and Blue with our Budweisers held high.

It’s About Happiness
Psychologists, lifestyle gurus and even the Dalai Lama say a key ingredient to happiness is a healthy dose of appreciation, so bring on your friends from 6pm, linger for light entertainment, a modern take on some Thanksgiving cuisine and let Dr Trunk, Captain Budweiser and Sir Erath steer you and your friends towards inner bliss on November 26. After all you can’t argue with the experts.

Snap up the last few tickets for our Thanksgiving Dinner – contact our Events Manager, Bianca, on 03 9663 7994.

That’s right. We’re getting down with a special once-off menu bringing a tear to every stars ‘n’ stripes loving Aussie we know. Jarryd Hayne inspired Burgers to Buffalo Wings, S’mores to Sundaes, even PBR tall boys are in on the fun. 

The Jarryd Hayne Train – Wagyu Patty, All-American Cheddar, Jalapenos, Crispy Bacon, Onion Rings, House-made Pickles, Thick-Cut Tomato, Cos, BBQ Sauce & Toasted Brioche. Get around the boy!

Embrace your inner cowboy from noon to night this Saturday in The Diner.