Cocktail Series – Trunk helps you make it wet – Negroni

Showcasing Trunks finest Cocktails with recipes for you to make at home

 Cocktail Series 2nd Edition – Negroni

Negroni Cocktail Trunk

Negroni Cocktail


Trunks Bartenders make it wet! In this series each week we will be revealing  Trunks most popular cocktails along with easy to follow recipes.

Its getting warmer outside so we want to spice it up inside! As part of our spring cocktail line-up we’ve re worked the almighty Negroni.


A classic first created in Florence, Italy by Count Camillo Negroni in 1919. The drink came about when the Count asked the bartender to strengthen his favourite cocktail – the Americano; by adding gin instead of soda water (genius we know!).

The classic aperitif is made up of equal parts gin, Campari & sweet vermouth garnished with an orange twist. Trunk has created four variations on the classic which we hope you will enjoy.


The first features a specialty Gin created by local distillers Four Pillars, which features unique botanical treatment to cut through the strong flavour profiles that Campari & sweet vermouth put forward.



So here we go with our 1st  and most popular Negroni that comes with a little kick.


Spiced Negroni

30 Four Pillars Spiced Negroni Gin

30 Antica Formula

30 Campari

Chili infused ice


Chili infused ice is simple to make. All you have to do is remove the empty ice trays from the freezer because lets face it no one ever fills them back up!

Fill up ice cube trays with water and… here comes the tough part… in each cube place a whole small chili. Place the trays in the freezer and wait until set.


Pour ingredients into a mixing jug

Stir with plain ice until diluted & chilled

Strain into a stemless wine glass, add chili infused ice.



The second is a white Negroni, substituting the sweet red vermouth with clear Cocchi Americano, an aperitif wine. The Campari Element is substituted with Lillet Blanc.


Negroni Bianco

30 Bombay Saphire

30 Lillet Blanc

30 Cocchi Americano

Fresh grapefruit sliced


Just like our previous Negroni; Pour ingredients into a mixing jug

Stir with ice until diluted & chilled

Strain into a stemless wine glass, add ice, squeeze grapefruit wedge


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