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Six Ways To Host A Hot Function

We've Seen Our Fair Share. This Is What We've Learnt.

So you’ve got yourself a group of people and a solid reason to get together – the small matter of your wedding, a corporate event or to drown cousin Meg’s sorrows for her big 3-0 in an awesome party space. Now comes the dream of every person with a penchant for lists, spreadsheets, and generally organising others lazier than themselves…hosting a hot function.

It’s All About The Place
The venue creates the vibe, so think it through. A formal function venue says don’t be lingering longingly at the bar while your IT workmates talk data analytics. A beer garden says do enjoy a boutique bevy; don’t reinvent Michael Jackson’s moon walk moves, and a restaurant says utilise those table manners granny slapped into you, but spice them up with a little charm offensive.

Timing Is Everything
As with venue, timing sets a tone. If you’ve got better things to do than whiling away Friday evening talking pie graphs with Penny from PR, then function breakfasts are a great way to get a work meeting done. Lunches are an affordable alternative for weddings and even a brunch birthday lets the party kick on a whole lot longer with a recovery that won’t last into the working week.

So You Coming Or What
Send out invitations early with an RSVP section and reply deadline. This will give you numbers with sufficient time to alter menus, arrange seating and rearrange seating when John announces his separation from wife number 3.

Money Money Money
Whether it’s a wedding, party or event, budget is not a dirty word. Budget will be price per head and factor in drinks per person, set menu, cocktail party or light fare. Talk to any potential venues about what you’re looking for and what they can offer. You can see options for our Melbourne CBD venue here.

Crack That Berg
Organising the event is only half the fun. Next comes planning activities to keep your guests from slipping into a stupor of the boredom variety. Consider some sophisticated games to break the ice, innovative speakers and utilising technology to keep things humming.

What’s In It?
Everyone loves something for nothing, so don’t forget a gift or takeaway item for your guests. Go old-school with a polaroid camera on the table for piccies they can take home, an adults version of a lolly bag or simple corporate memento.

Trunk has a host of function menu options and available event spaces in the Melbourne CBD including our outdoor beer garden, function room and restaurants with European or American dining options.

Contact our Events Manager, Bianca, for all functions enquiries on 03 9663 7994.

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