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Weddings at Trunk Melbourne CBD

Weddings 101

For The Realists and Romantics

Okay happy couples pull up a chair, we’ll fix you a stiff drink and talk weddings.

Now you’ve made that little decision of who you’d like to spend your life with, it’s time to ponder the big stuff. You know, the game changers that keep you awake at night like 100gsm or 120gsm weight paper for your invites. Would you like to release a kaleidoscope (yes that is the collective term, cool, huh?) of rare Ulysses butterflies or will some bubbles do?

Hold the hyperventilation and we’ll give you a minute for the Zanax to kick in. Right, sorted? Let’s talk you through how real weddings pan out and how we can help.


The formalities of the day are likely to set you back the least (it’s the party that counts, let’s be honest) but they can determine the date. If you have your heart set on a particular church or celebrant, book early, or venture a little further and consider non-conventional ceremony spaces with their own memorable ambience.


With all that revelry, fine food, dedicated service and the social lubrication of alcohol, the wedding venue will be one of the biggest factors of your day and your budget. It’s important to sort this bit early as venues can be booked out months and sometimes years in advance.

Wedding receptions work on a price per head basis and are usually split into food budget, and the alcohol and beverage packages.

You will need to decide on the function type; is it a small intimate party, a sit-down three-course option or are you keen for a cocktail party? We’ve enjoyed more nuptials than hot dinners at our Melbourne CBD venue, so you can contact us here for our expert advice.


Reception venue dealt with? Ceremony sorted? Time for the invites. Regardless of whether you choose embossed, matte, bold-fonted, lace adorned numbers or a quick greyscale printout on your home Hewlett-Packard, you need to give people adequate notice and ensure they RSVP.


Capturing those happy memories is next on the list. Photography comes as a package with options like digital copies, bound albums and life-sized, framed numbers of the happy couple smooching. Be sure you see the photographer’s portfolio in advance, know exactly what’s included and enjoy their company. You’ll be required to smile endlessly in their presence for an entire day.


Roll out the jugglers, fire breathers and acrobats, no just kidding, but to each their own. Wedding entertainment is usually a choice between a DJ, small band or solo musician. You could always load up an IPod with your favourite tunes and plug into the venue’s stereo system. But please avoid U2’s Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For…ideally you have.

Insider’s tip

Venue co-ordinators are wedding veterans, have done this before and know what does and doesn’t work, so talk to them about people they recommend for items like photography, entertainment, flowers or decorations. They work with a lot of different people and may be able to recommend some good peeps or even have hook-ups (of the professional variety, that is – you’re already romantically hooked up, we know).

Trunk boasts a number of different venue options for weddings including our outdoor garden, or the private Rintel Room. We’re romantics at heart, (we’d go the 120gsm invites and butterflies, for the record) so would love to help with your needs.

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