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Why Melbourne loves American Food.

From North To South, We Love Just About Everything American Food.

From ribs to Argentine share plates and Mexican style banquets, Melbournians love American food and it doesn’t look to be slowing. So popular is American fare that the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival’s “Journey Through the Americas” on March 7, which sees us teaming up with Melbourne CBD American compatriots San Telmo and Mamasita for a food journey from South America to the USA, has officially sold out.

Yeah! We’re chuffed, they’re chuffed, and those with a ticket are, too.

Outside of the bleeding obvious, here’s why we feel American food in all of its glory is so popular in Melbourne.

Food flare

When it comes to food from the Americas we’re not talking the fast and furious food of takeaway but the rich intensity of the cultural melting pot, where smoky flavours infuse into rich meals like BBQ ribs, savoured amongst friends until the finger licking end.

Sharing the love

Like coming home to the comforting embrace of Mum’s Sunday roast, American food boasts all the familiarity of the memories of childhood. Think fried chicken, Chimichurri porterhouse or Mexican delights like tacos and quesadillas…it’s comfort meets celebration, meets flavour…meets delicious.

It’s about the best

The new age of American dining brings out the best of the continent’s flavours in mouth watering, flavour explosions like a bacon-wrapped cheese kransky with jalapeños, mustard and pico de gallo. It’s self assured enough to know it’s not just about a quick bite but a celebration of food that features the colour and excitement that culture has brought to the land of opportunity.

What You’ll Get

As part of this virtual culinary road trip from South America to the USA, Trunk’s Diner will be serving up buttermilk fried chicken, smoked Texas BBQ ribs, Mexican inspired Breaking Bad Dogs and more. Make sure you check out San Telmo and Mamasita’s offerings, too.

A journey like this stands up and says our roots are diverse, our ingredients, like our attitude, is fresh and we’re tossing it into the pot to create the perfect meal.

If you secured a ticket before it sold out, prepare yourselves. If you didn’t, The Diner lunch & dinner menu is available every day from 12 – late where you can enjoy these tasty treats.

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